About Us

TLC is committed to creating a love for movement and a drive for accomplishments.

At TLC, we are not just a group of dancers, but a family. Our commitment  to developing friendships is just as important much as our commitment to developing dancers. This in turn helps young dancers to develop the confidence and comfort with themselves that they need to succeed in life. At any task. 


TLC began as a noncompetitive technical school. We have since expanded into the competitive world simply to provide avenues for each dancer and family. Our primary focus remains our story-line shows, but we are pleased to offer each dancer multiple avenues in the dance world. Whether you choose our local shows, East Coast competitions, World-Wide intensives, or televised National Parades... if you want to go, we will certainly get you there. 

It's Never Too Late

We strive to offer our Military and Local community year-round registration. So don't be afraid to pick up the phone, or shoot us an email, and ask about our current availability. Our staff will even OPEN a class with enough new students if all classes of interest are full.