Tips and Tricks

Stretching Challenge: Splits!

Not everyone can pop into a split!! So how do you accomplish this?

1. Bend your knees. That's right! Don't force your stretch. This can cause your muscles to tense and actually resist the stretch; delaying your progress.

2. Focus on ONE stretch at a time. Take time to breath into each stretch and even gently rock back and forth. Your ideal 'hold' time for a stretch is 15-30 seconds at a time. Let's consider that 1 repetition. 

3. Consistency is key. I challenge you to 10 reps a day for 10 days. Feel free to send us photos on your before & after progress. 

Ingredient of the week: Honey

Today, as I sit and enjoy a bowl of granola, yogurt, and fresh honey from my husbands grandfather’s bees here in Southern France, I became curious about the health benefits of honey. I’ve known for some time that consuming local honey helps build a resistance to local irritants, reducing your chance of environmental allergies. So, for years I have buzzed to the farmers market to pay a little extra for honey. My daughters and I are a bit obsessed with the different flavors and consistencies of honey. Todays honey is gritty, as if filled granulated sugar; it’s delicious.

My first fascinating discovery was to the history of honey. Cave paintings located in Valencia, Spain show honey foraging as long as 8,000 years ago! That’s amazing! 

Olympian Athletes understood that Honey would increase their athletic performance. This has been verified with modern studies. 

Honey is also traditionally known for it’s ability to sooth sore throats and coughs, to ease the burn. As well as internally, honey is known to help you heal externally as well, when applied to the skin following a mild burn, sun burn, surgery, hives, welts, rash, and so forth. Like in the Jungle Book of course. 

What helps, is it’s antibacterial properties. Surprisingly, the bees actually add this enzyme themselves. This enzyme is the same enzyme found in hydrogen peroxide. In addition to its super antibacterial properties, the enzyme is also a natural preservative, increasing the life of a bottle of honey. 

As always, there are consistent reminders NOT to feed honey to babies, and controversial debates on cooking with honey as it heats bast 100 degrees. Please be sure to research honey for yourself before using, or, consult with a doctor. 

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